Tomorrow (October 22), Proletariat will drop Spellbreak‘s Prologue: The Gathering Storm update across all available platforms. That’s the EGS, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and GeForce Now. Before that, they have a bunch of patch notes for players to go over — unless you’re the type that likes to just drop in and see what’s going on.

The headliners in this update are, of course, the Prologue Chapter that it’s named after, the new 9v9 Clash mode, the Hollowed Eve event, and changes to Matchmaking. As mentioned before, this update introduces the game’s chapter system. With the Prologue Chaper, players gain the ability to earn reputation by completing missions for Avira Emberdane, unlocking 25 levels of exclusive rewards. Each week introduces new quests. And, since this is the first time players have access to the Chapter system, it’s open to everyone for free.

The new game mode, Clash, is a 9v9 team deathmatch mode requiring one of the teams to reach a predetermined score in order to win. According to the patch notes, it’s a low-stress mode, so that’s good for any player who’d just like to get some action in while relaxing.

There’s not a ton of info on Hallowed Eve, other than that there are new spooky cosmetics and bundles in the shop. Of course, there’s plenty more in the patch notes, general updates and all that. So if you’re wanting the full rundown, they’re available on the game’s site.

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