Love is in the air in Skyforge and players have a dryad admirer to deal with. The poor dryad was the subject of an experiment that left it in love with immortals. The good news is, they’ll be sending gifts to players in the form of letters, flowers, rewards, and romantic letters — not to mention currency and consumables.

The dryad has a tendency to appear after PvE battles, so players looking to attract its attention will want to complete plenty of those.

In addition to being the subject of the dryad’s love, players also have a chance to spread some love on their own with a daily quest. Become a cupid-archer and bring NPCs in the Park of Aelion together. Be careful, though. When you’re playing cupid, you’ll need to make sure you bring the right couples together.

As with any good event, there’s a special currency to collect that can be traded in for exclusive items. Collect enough Rose Quartz and choose from a variety of items ranging from flower petals to clothes and wings.

A list of all the available rewards and their cost in Rose Quartz is available on the Skyforge site.

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