Cubizone recently announced a new partnership with Korea-based publisher Mgame to publish an English version of Yulgang 2 in SEA regions. The martial-arts based MMO however, will not be IP blocked, meaning anyone can play assuming latency doesn’t prove to be an issue.

For many, the announcement marks the first time they’ve even heard of the MMORPG. For starters, Yulgang 2 was originally released in Korea as Scions of Fate 2 in 2009. The MMO is based on a popular Korean Comic series called “Ruler of the Land” and features free-aiming combat along with an intricate Air Sprint system. Similar to Age of Wushu, players can use a series of keys while in the air to continuously move through the air with over 15 air sprint motions based on those found in Martial Arts films. In conjunction with Yulgang’s Air Sprint, players can also perform real-time ability combos to propel their enemies into the air, or even from the air to the ground.

Yulgang 2 is said to be launching sometime in Q4 2013. Those interested in finding out more can visit the official site here.

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  1. I saw a gameplay video and I have to say…it looks as boring as hell. Actually hell is probably more interesting then this. Not to be to harsh it does look nice and it doesn’t have all those bright colors like age of wushu that hurt my eyes. I just really wished it was open world pvp/pk. Welp don’t judge the book by its cover. So we will wait and see.

    • How do you know it ISN’T open world PVP?
      It’s easily capable of it, it’s an open world action MMO with solid combat.
      Whats boring about that?
      Did you ACTUALLY look at a gameplay video because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.
      Go back to your crappy WoWclone#68.

  2. Search for some gameplay trailers on youtube.
    It looks amazing actually, like Tera quality. Probably the first action MMO since Tera to actually seemingly do action combat properly.

    Excited to try this now.

  3. Want hack & slash martial arts mmorpg? wait for Condor Heroes Zero…
    Take Tera and put it into a kungfu martial arts environment.

  4. What is it with fracking trailers? Are devs really too scared to show early footage? Trailers can be made to look super-amazing-awesome and meanwhile the product is a piece of garbage. Until I see game footage I’m not buying into any hype.

      • I was speaking of games in general, not just in regards to this. Trailers are the most revolting tool I’ve seen used to hype games ever..because almost all trailers are pure lies.

        • They’re marketing tools. Nothing more nothing less. Like how movie trailers show only the good bits and perfume commercials show a set of attractive people and some ridiculous scene that really makes no sense. Their just trying to get your attention. That’s their purpose and no one is gonna stop using them to market their products. Whether or not the trailers do what they’re intended is going to depend on the individual.

          You might not like trailers but that’s not going to stop companies from using them because they serve their initial purpose of getting attention to that product. Yes, a game is a product. They are made to be sold and they are made to make money.

          • You seem oddly hostile. I was never implying they ought to stop (although it would be a more wonderful world if they did). I merely distrust trailers and find myself irritated when people rave about a game and go all “omg day 1 buy” over trailers.

  5. And 99.9% of the gameplay is going to be another generic piece of crap and nothing as close as this trailer is hyping it to be. I really hope I am wrong. There is already one thing I don’t like and its going to be pvp arena. Boring already.


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