Square Enix Announces F2P Mech-Fighting Game Figureheads

Square Enix Announces F2P Mech-Fighting Game Figureheads

Apparently, Square Enix can figure out free-to-play after all.

The company has just announced a new 5v5 mech shooter title called Figureheads — or “Figure Heads,” we’re seeing both versions pop up, and our Japanese isn’t so hot — and it’s got a pretty dramatic, if far-reaching backstory:

At the end of the 20th century, a huge meteor that settled in Earth’s satellite orbit created unprecedented panic and confusion. Humanity tried to resist by shooting down the falling fragments of the meteor with anti-air missiles, but their cities were ultimately destroyed.

The ground is now polluted by the noxious materials fallen from the meteor, and humans have been forced to live in underground shelters. In order to manage the surface from underground, the development of unmanned robots went through a drastic acceleration, with their tech making remarkable progress.

Youngsters, bored by their new underground life, took a liking to competitive fights operating those unmanned robots called “2Foot.” The competition named “BOTGame” spread through the world like wildfire.

“BOTGame” then evolved in a major entertainment industry, organized and regulated by the “W2BF,” turning into a sport that provides amusement for many fans around the world.

So, global apocalypse –> fighting robots –> sports. Got it!

Square Enix plans to release Figureheads later this year for PC. There’s not much else to go on besides the backstory and teaser video above, and judging by that video — and the game’s Japanese-language site, which promises another update on the 10th — we’re not sure that it’ll be released in North America. That being said, what do you think? Does it look like something you think you’d play?


  1. got mixed feelings about this :/ its a bit too slow for a robot shooter i mean COMON its robots be creative with it.

  2. nosgoth was good, i just hate the system where same team plays each other for the duration and then you have to exit out, plus the region lock on us west and east, else other wise i would’ve spammed games

    • Not sure where you see nosgoth in this game but it’s definitely not even close to Nosgoth, The footage of game play reminded me more of gears of war then anything.


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