Star Trek Online Celebrates The Holidays With Galactic Winter Events

There’s plenty going on and lots of ways to get goodies.

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Star Trek Online Galactic Winter Events 2023

Star Trek Online is celebrating the festive season. Yes, that means Q’s Winter Wonderland is underway – and will run through January 4th. During the event, players can earn the T6 Tamarian Deep Space Cruiser, among other things.

That’s not the only event that’s currently running in the MMORPG, though. Today kicked off the Phoenix Prize Pack Event and the Bonus Dilithum Event. During the former, which runs until January 2nd, players can claim daily free packs. The Bonus Dilithium event is pretty self-explanatory. It will come to an end on December 27th, so anyone wanting to take advantage of that will need to get in there and get playing.

On December 27th, an Upgrade Event will allow players to use twice as many Technology Points toward their next upgrade. This event lasts until January 2nd.

Finally, on January 4th, the Galaxy goes to Red Alert event and the Bonus Marks event kick off. Both last until January 18th. The first event will reward players for earning progress in Red Alerts, while the latter will reward players with more Marks for Fleet or Reputation.

As you can see, it’s pretty much non-stop through the middle of January, and yes, there are sales. You can read about those in the announcement.

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