Once again, it’s time to celebrate the event that started it all. First Contact Day — the day that honors the time humans first encountered the Vulcans — is less than a week away (April 5). And, as always, Star Trek Online is ready to celebrate. Only, this celebration won’t last just a day. Instead, players have (almost) an entire month to partake in the festivities.

The whole thing starts off in the 21st Century at the historic site where Zefram Cochrane first launched the Phoenix — Bozeman, Montana. Players will travel back in time to this important date and face off against The Borg in order to prevent them from altering the Federation’s timeline. Once again, Jeri Ryan will reprise her role as Seven-of-Nine and aid players in their mission.

The celebration also features a special in-game team activity wherein players can build a replica of the Phoenix. They’ll need to scavenge for ship parts, including engines, hulls, and stabilizer parts. Each team can build their own model and then compete with other teams to see who can get theirs to go the highest.

Players will be rewarded for participating in the celebratory events with a First Contact Day bundle. Those who reach 14 days of progress will receive a Temporal Vortex Probe that can travel through local space and take out enemy vessels in the area as well.

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