This is apparently one of those anniversary weeks. First we had RuneScape’s 20th and now, we have Star Trek Online‘s 11th. To celebrate the birthday, players will be able to take part in a few different events and receive some special rewards. As with most things STO, the event will take place on PC first and follow on consoles at a later date. The PC celebration begins tomorrow and lasts until February 25.

During this time, players will have the opportunity to get their hands on a Tier 6 Temer Class Alliance Raider. To do this, they’ll need to take part in episodes, TFOs, Patrols, and the Omega Stabilization Event in order to earn progress toward the reward.

Speaking of the Omega Stabilization Event, that’s part of the overall celebration as well. To take part in this mini-game, players will need to chat with Q, who will give them three zones to visit and stabilize Omega Particles. This is a daily event, so be sure to do it to earn progress toward your ship.

In addition to the anniversary events, tomorrow’s update also adds a new feature that will allow players of all factions to fly the starship of their choice. This new feature does have some requirements — although not any that should be too difficult for dedicated STO players. Chances are, you’re already there. Basically, players need to be Level 65 as a member of the Klingon Defense Force — species doesn’t matter as long as they started out on a Klingon vessel. Once the feature is unlocked, it’s account-wide. At that point, even races that are not part of the KDF will have access.

This new feature results in a few other changes to the game in general, all of which are outlined in the announcement on the STO site.

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