Star Trek Online Updates The Infinity Lock Box To Include Discovery Items And A New Ship As Emperor's Will Event Is Extended

Players will soon be able to get the Farragut Temporal Cruiser.

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Star Trek Online New Ship

On October 13, Star Trek Online players on both PC and console will have access to an updated Infinity Lock Box. This updated box will contain items from the previous Discovery: Far From Home Lock Box as well as an all-new T6 ship, the Farragut Temporal Cruiser. This cruiser is the first deep space vessel that James T. Kirk was assigned to. It was first seen in the Season One finale of "Strange New Worlds."

The Farragut is a Tier 6 ship and comes with seats for a Commander Engineering/Temporal Operative Specialist Bridge Officer and a Lt. Commander Universal/Pilot Specialist Bridge Officer. These are also in addition to seats for Lieutenant Tactical, Ensign Engineering, and Lt Commander Science officers. It features four fore weapons, four aft weapons, and four device slots. Full specs on the ship are available on the Star Trek Online site.

The currently running Emperor's WIll event is also being extended due to issues with the rewards being pretty much locked as your progression in the event never seemed to move. This was fixed and now the event will run until October 14th.

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