Okay, it’s been a while since Star Trek Online launched House Shattered on PC, continuing the Klingon War storyline. In fact, it’s been long enough I had to look to see when it actually came out. That would be October, for those of you who are interested.

Today, Cryptic announced the new content is finally making its way to consoles, offering Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players the chance to get in on the action. The update includes the new playable episode featuring Next Generation and DS9 actor Robert O’Reilly, as well as Rekha Sharma from Discovery. There’s also a new five-player Task Force Operation inspired by Star Trek: Picard.

More information on the update is available on either of the console pages on the STO site. If your trip stumbles across the PC page there is an entry for the 11th Anniversary, but it currently just says “testing”. So, there’s probably something there to look forward to as well.


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