The Foundry for Star Trek Online and Neverwinter will soon be going away. The system, which allowed players to create their own missions in the games — some of which were good and some of which simply served as XP/loot parades — will be removed from both games on April 11.

In a blog post today, Cryptic Studios said that the decision to remove the system “was not made lightly.” This action is being taken because “the legacy knowledge required to maintain the Foundry at our quality standards is no longer available” and the developer believes the time and resources spent on maintaining the Foundry would be better spent creating new content for its games.

If you were a player or content creator of either game’s Foundry system before March 4, you’ll receive various rewards, ranging from titles to cosmetic items to the ultimate prize, a Genesis Torpedo Ground Device given out to Star Trek Online players whose mission was selected for a Spotlit Mission.


  1. Well I do and always have believed that if you make a game it should be your game! getting others to make further games within your game just doesn’t make your game you made your game, as you are expecting the game to be made better by other gamers so therefore it loses its originality of yours.
    Crazy thinking, but true.
    Making a further redundant follow on, Its Much better to JUST make a game yours and not have or make a gamer make other things inside it.

  2. Its cheaper without it… ok that I understand.

    Lol, why do company always try to make it look like that they suffering when they make these decisions?

    For once I would love for a company to just be honest with the people that pay their bills.


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