Solid Clouds, the makers of free-to-play space sim Starborne: Sovereign Space, has announced an expansion to that game’s universe and lore, in the form of a completely new game. Starborne: Frontiers is set 400 years after the first game and will take intrepid explorers on a new journey through the Starborne universe, giving the the opportunity to “get up close and personal with the galaxy’s shifting empires.”

The announcement on the Starborne site calls Starborne: Frontiers “the same universe through a completely new genre, with expanded lore, original strategy, and a peek behind the curtain at the same infamous factions that make Sovereign Space tick.” The accompanying press release adds the following:

Frontiers will be a departure from Sovereign Space’s real-time empire-building format, instead challenging players in completely different ways as they voyage across the edge of civilized space. As their renown grows they will be able to build personal bases, discover the galaxy’s secrets, and even team up with their fellow commanders to take on its greatest dangers through both PvP and PvE elements. Along the way they may encounter over a dozen factions with their own unique histories and philosophies who might help or hinder players as they strive to claim their place as the strongest force in the frontier.

Starborne: Frontiers will be available on PC and mobile devices, with a soft launch in December, followed by the official launch in May 2022.



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