Monday Night Combat is getting a sequel and will be free to play. Super Monday Night Combat features 5 vs. 5 competition, unlimited customization and gameplay elements inspired by Defense of the Ancients (DoTA).

Super Monday Night Combat is a free to play 3D third-person tactical shooter game developed by Uber Entertainment. The game will launch in the next several months in PC.


  1. Great game if you enjoy MOBA/DOTA styled games and or shooters. They did a great job of combining the two. Im still addicted because its one of the few F2P games that arent P2W and ive unlocked almost all of the characters.

  2. For sure, all p2p will be f2p, and WoW will be the only paid, and then people will realise that they are paying for shit and go to something betta. Haters gonna hate!

    • I played this on the 360. The only reason its going free to play is because no one would be able to convince people to PAY for this piece of crap again. Its fun for like the first 2 days then you realize TF2 is better.


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