Survarium patch 0.50 is out and it’s time for a little story-driven co-op PvE play. The update adds a new story mission focusing on the conflict between Black Market and The Renaissance Army. Designed for a squad of three players, it will require the team to complete a series of objectives in order to finish it — all the while learning about how the Forest was created via a series of secret experiments.

For the mission objectives to be met, at least one player in the squad will need to make it to a checkpoint. If, for some reason, your allies have fallen before that point they will be resurrected and allowed to continue to the next point with you. So… basically… don’t worry. You don’t all have to be alive through the whole thing.

Of course, as you should expect, there is more to this update than just the new PvE mission. A host of other tweaks and changes have been made to the game — including weapon nerfs and buffs you can read about in the patch notes on the Survarium site.

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  1. after waiting about 5 min you will join boring map called PVE mission, where you and 2 other players trowing bolts to detect anomaly and kill few bots. tadaa thats it.


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