Survarium Drops Massive Update

Michael Byrne
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Survarium, the free to play MMOFPS from Vostok Games, has launched one of the largest patches to date and is setting the stage for a more enjoyable experience inside of their post apocalyptic world. Version 0.28a comes complete with drastically changed faction structure, massive UI improvements, a LOT of skill and weapon changes, and is generally being well received by players on the official forums...with the possible exception of NA players still waiting to see if they'll ever get their own server again since it was previously merged with the EU server.

When it comes to gameplay, the biggest addition in this patch is the adding of a ranking system. Now players can compete for ranking within player leagues. Item levels were reduced from level 15 to level 10. As a part of this change, all items had to undergo a rebalancing.

If you're a Survarium player, you'll want to check out the full notes linked above. There are a ton of point changes, item changes, and tweaks to smaller systems spelled out but frankly, for non players it would be a bit of a bore to list them all here. (Excel sheets anyone?)

If you want to jump into Survarium, click this link to get started.

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Discussion (12)

zet 8 years ago
Trash for cash

Crossek 8 years ago
IMO they should improve this terrible optimization first

Finnlish kalhür 8 years ago
mmm nope not yet, i'm gonna wait another year

Cloak 8 years ago
This game is going to have open world one day. Then its going to suddenly shut the doors because they're moving so slow it makes a snail look like its doing 50 mph. They probably closed the NA servers because they can't even keep people in their own region interested. Stop holding your breath for this game its long over due. You're better off playing the original stalker games for the rest of your life then waiting for this crap cause its never going to happen at this rate of speed. I really do hope I am wrong though.

hovsep56 8 years ago
still waiting for the open world they promised.....

Mamson 8 years ago
russian crap....... all characters with face of russian YURI... ugly game with ugly graphics and phisics... i recommed not to play this pooooop

View 1 reply
Jokul 8 years ago
Still waiting for 'Free play' mode....

aet 8 years ago

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