Post apocalyptic MMOFPS, Survarium, has launched a pretty significant update to the game and players are encouraged to check out some of the key differences Vostok Games has made to the free to play shooter. In the most recent 0.29 update, Survarium not only gets a new map in the heart of London, but also a number of much needed balance and design changes to boot.

Sound design may not seem like a huge deal sometimes, but in a shooter (particularly one that has some type of sniper class), sound can be the difference between homing in on where that last shot came from and looking up just in time to eat a bullet. With this in mind, Vostok Games has completed a sound design overhaul when it comes to weapons. Not only will they feel and sound better when you use them yourself, but echo and environment effects on gun discharges will be a better mark of where your opponent may be hiding.

Graphics have been polished again and we would expect this type of change to continue as the game is updated.

Where the changes REALLY start to hit home is in the balance department. Damage for all weapons has been scaled down. While this initially may sound like a bad thing, other stats (like armor piercing) will now have a little more importance when deciding your next loadout. Vostok Games ensures that the changes overall are in line with a more balanced gameplay and that players will not feel less powerful as a result.

Check out Survarium’s official post for more details and to check out the game.

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  1. The only thing that initially made me interested in this was the promise that they add open world gameplay with quests and stuff, this was probably 5 years ago, and as far as i can see its still just team deathmatch.

    • far it’s just COD : Stalker Edition, rather than an actual stalker game or even anything close. It’s a joke, plain and simple..these guys promised far more than they’re capable of delivering.

  2. Just stop. We don’t need to know about every update for this not so Stalker game. If we did, we would have it in our steam library and read about the update there. You wanna announce something? Announce when they decide to make this game less of a COD and more of a Stalker game.

    • as far as i know at this point they are optimizing the game by stress testing it this way – testing server load, different PC configurations etc

      i would rather have a polished stalker mmo than a great concept which is poorly executed due to people asking about killing mutants

      i like the competitive element more at this point, even though freeplay hasnt even arrived yet, if it only had freeplay and no competitive mode, i would have probably stopped caring about it a long time ago

    • You don’t speak for everyone. If you don’t want to see updates for this game, don’t click on the damn page where the news for the game is. #Logic


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