Vostok Games’ post-apocalyptic MMOFPS Survarium’s latest update (0.32) just went live; bringing with it gameplay and visual changes, equipment and weapon modification, and the Autumn League Season.

The amount of changes being applied to weapons is fairly hefty, impacting over 60 items. Players can expect changes to repair costs, firing ranges, damage, and more.

For the more competitive players, Autumn League Season promises a variety of rewards; including an incentive reward for participating and one at the end of the season based on final rank.

To see the full list of changes — and find out more about Autumn League Season — view the update notes on the official Survarium site.

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  1. This game does indeed blow and is indeed a wannabe stalker. No freeroam, no survival, no scavenging and only shooting. Piece of garbage wannabe stalker.

  2. This game did nothing from what they promised . After years of “work” it looks like two people made this game in a basement. Very disappointed of the outcome.

  3. Yep this game is a disgrace.Why u ask?Well let’s say this game suppose to be like stalker.Then they decide to make a team deathmatch shooter crap.I really waited for this from the start,then suddenly became this …. For new players this might be ok, for me not so much.The only thing this game did good was the visual of the world.

      • It’s a disgrace exactly because the developers are the ones that made Stalker. Because this is nothing like it and never will be. I was hooked on the game for a couple of months, now I can’t stand it anymore.


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