The most recent update to Vostok Games’ free-to-play online FPS, Survarium, is live. Titled Survarium 0.40, the update brings changes to the user interface, weapon modules, economy, and more.

In addition to general changes, the developers have also added new missions, voice-overs, and music. And, of course, there have also been a wide variety of Quality of Life changes — as well as sad news for anyone who really like the Christmas sweaters and pants. Sorry guys.

Full details on the update can be found on the Survarium site.

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  1. i can play crossout on max settings 60fp/s, can’t even enjoy this s.h.i.t. on minimum….. poor engine, poor aim system, they can update style how much they want… game is 0

    • I liked this game in 2015, but later it became shittier, now the 0.40 update actually allows me play on minimum and it’s a lot better, I still don’t like the game, I only care about Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, but you should try now, it’s improved.

      • Is it playable on laptops now? Or more precisely, is it playable on GeForce 720M? And by “playable” I mean at least 30 FPS without setting resolution to something like 640×480.

    • I also get horrible fps in this game. Was unplayable unless the game was set to render less than 100% which made the game blurry.


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