Today, Survarium‘s update 0.47 has made its way off of the PTS and onto the game’s live servers. The update introduces a tutoral in the form of a story mission, the new Slaughter game mode, and more.

Players will also want to note a slew of tweaks and general changes. In the area of gameplay, the developers have added several new animations and increased characters move speed by 5%. Two new variations each have been added for the Vostok Radar Station, Chemical Plant, and Cologne Bridge locations. In addition, more changes have been made to the game’s weapons than we can list here. Luckily, the full rundown is available in the patch notes on the Survarium site.

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  1. Back when it was v 0.23 or 0.28 it was almost unplayable for me I had to run it in 848×477 custom resolution with everything on lowest just so I can say I can play. All thist time I thought that I’m bad because I can barely play it. Eventually I could play it more and more under normal circumstances. Finally with 0.48 after 2+ years later I can finally play it with my native resolution 1366×768 with everything on lowest and having stable above 30 FPS.

    Now I notice that the gunplay is not really good, the camera movement is really laggy and clumsy, the game hasn’t really evolved much since 2 years ago when I first played it – they changed the UI, added weapons, added ONLY ONE NEW MAP FOR TWO YEARS.

    There are far better games than this – Black Squad is launching very soon, probably a week or two, Ghost in the Shell First Assault is 8943894 better too. There are Warface, Dirty Bomb… anything is better than Survarium.

    I don’t wanna hate on the game, but that’s how I feel about it – it just feels really, really clumsy and playing against other players is a nightmare – dealing with enemy snipers or shotgunners are literally abusing the game. One guy can hide with a sniper in the dark right outside your base and he can kill probably 10 people before he dies, then he does it again and again and he ends the game with 40-50 kills and you can’t even leave your base. The matches have really high required scores and take forever to finish, the whole game feels really slow. Unless you like slow games, you’re gonna get bored out of your mind.


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