Today, Vostok Games announced the release of the latest update for its free-to-play shooter Survarium. Update 0.46 makes “radical” changes to the game, consisting of redesigned equipment, weapons, and more.

With the new update, armor is now divided into categories and equipping several items from the same set will increase player stats and open new skills. As players equip more items from the same set, their bonuses will increase.

Weapon characteristics have been reworked as well, with changes being made to the parameters of damage, obstacle penetration, scatter, and more. And, as an added bonus, a “Shooting Grounds” location where players can test weapons has been added in response to player requests.

For a full rundown of the update is available in the patch notes on the Survarium site.

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  1. 4 years just waiting for the pve and still no news about it…btw is this sponsored? you would not mention this game if not. this is like h1z1 first they will tell you it will be free to play/the pve gameplay but after 6 years of waiting and still nothing. the devs who does not keep their words should not even be making a game.

  2. please stop reporting on this game, its a complete scam, no one except cheaters play and it has been like that for the last 5 years. They keep crapping out nonsense “updates” just to get back into the news, its ridiculous.

  3. – Game is P2W
    – There was 2 free profile slots, after this patch they took second one to premium
    – They moved half weapons in premium shop
    – They chat-ban and mute players who speak ugly truth about this game
    – They made anticheat for cheaters and created cheater annoying cancerbots
    – After 5 min of matchmaking you will join 2 vs 2 players and 16 bots
    – Snipers? in this video they told that snipers where buffed but no. shotguns have more range than sniper rifles.
    – It will never crawl from the oben beta like this
    – Welcome to bot simulator – P2Winarium


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