Survival Shooter The Front Releases 1 Year Roadmap Ahead Of October 11 Release

There's already an entire year of new content planned.

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The Front Steam Early Access

We gamers sure do like our roadmaps. Seeing what a developer has in store for the future goes a long way to making us feel secure that a game will not go stagnant 3 months in. Well, if you're into roadmaps like the rest of us, you'll be happy to know that the upcoming survival shooter The Front already has a 1-year roadmap in place full of new content and updates to the game.

The Front 1-year roadmap

The Front will be adding a new vehicle, new functions, new gear, lots of new structures, new NPCs, and Steam Workshop support within the first 1-3 months after its October 11th launch.

4-6 months down the road there will be a new game mode, functions, gear, POI, and NPCs. They also have a new vehicle in the siege tank and a Battle Mech boss listed.

In the next 7-12 months The Front devs are looking at adding a new island map, the Ceres gyrocopter vehicle, a gunboat vehicle, more gear, more NPCs, and another world boss in the Armored Train.

It looks like the first year of The Front will be full of content and updates to look forward to. The Front goes into Steam Early Access this week on October 11th.

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