The SMITE World Championships kicked off yesterday in Atlanta, GA and things got heated as teams go after the coveted prize. For the first day of the event, eight teams fight for their spot in the quarterfinals in 8 1v1 matches.

The matches started off with Isrurus taking on Episilon Esports, but basically handing the win to them while failing to get even a single kill. As the rounds continued PaiN Gaming beat OMG B. and earned the right to go up against Epsilon later in the day.

Round 3 saw Enemy beat Avant Garde while Fnatic took out QG in Round 4. This set up the next four rounds as Epsilon vs PaiN, Enemy vs Fnatic, Isurus vs OMG B., and Avant Garde vs QG.

At the end of the day, Epsilon beat PaiN, landing them a spot in the 4th quarter final against Fnatic — who lost to Enemy. Both PaiN and Enemy will compete against each other in the 2nd quarter final.

Meanwhile, Isarus was knocked out of the tournament by OMG B, who will take on Paradigm in the 1st quarter final event. And in the final game of the day, QG took the win, landing a spot in the third quart against the defenders of the title, Cloud 9 GTA.

The quarter finals are kicking off soon and promise a lot of exciting action. Stay tuned to this post for updates on all the games as the week progresses.

**UPDATE 1** Paradigm VS OMG B.

In the best two out of three rounds, OMB B. went up against the European titans, Paradigm. The team from China put up a good fight but in the end they lost the first two round, negating the need for a third. Paradigm landed the first slot in Round 1 of the Semi-finals, where they will either battle Enemy or PaiN Gaming.

**UPDATE 2** Enemy VS PaiN Gaming

In match two of the quarter-finals PaiN gaming made a valiant effort against Enemy; even taking the lead at the beginning of the second round — looking like they were going to make a comeback after losing the first one. However, by the end of it, Enemy had regained control of the match and took the match, landing them a spot in the semi-finals against Paradigm.

**UPDATE 3** Cloud 9 G2A VS QG

The third match of the quarter-finals was a fairly one-sided set, with C9 gaining control of both the rounds very early one and effectively toying with QG — allowing them to take some of their towers while they farmed. In the end of each round C9 was way ahead of QG and took their titan without any effort.

**UPDATE 4** Fnatic VS Epsilon

In the final match-up of the Fnatic took on Epsilon in tightly contested battles. Both teams stayed fairly even, practically trading kills before Epsilon took the first round. The second round found Epsilon taking an earlier lead, pulling way ahead of Fnatic in both points and kills by the 15 minute mark, holding onto it until they took Fnatic’s titan — completely skipping the phoenixes — at the very end, and secured their place against C9 in the semi-finals.

So tomorrow’s lineup for the semi-finals will be Enemy vs Paradigm and Epsilon vs Cloud 9 G2A in two Best of 5 matches. These will determine the final two teams to compete in the SMITE World Championship Finals on Sunday.

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