“Break out the meatballs” and “turn ABBA up to eleven” says the press release announcing the arrival of Swedish armor in the console versions of World of Tanks. The vehicles were popular in the PC version of the game when they arrived last year, and they’re now making the leap to Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles.

Featuring 20 new vehicles, including tanks of all three classes and tank destroyers, the stars of the Swedish line are the Tier X heavy tank Kranvagn and Tier VIII UDES 03 tank destroyer and its higher-tier successors. The latter even introduce what Wargaming calls “a complete new playstyle: Siege and Travel.”

Swedish tanks and tank destroyers are rolling out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, while Xbox One X players will have all of them to play with when the game launches on Xbox One X on Nov. 7. You can learn more about the Swedish tanks on the World of Tanks wiki.

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