Well, that didn’t take long at all — hurricane or not. Since the waters started to settle around the Funcom offices, the Secret World Legends team was already at work getting the new Occult Defence scenario ready to hit the servers. Today — following a short downtime — the scenario is ready to play. It’s time to defend Stonehenge!

The new Stonehenge Occult Defense scenario has a singular focus. No longer do you have to worry about keeping bystanders alive — and protecting them from themselves. But you do have to defend something. Keep waves of monsters from getting near the Hagstone. (Apparently having a single monster even standing next to the Hagstone can be bad news. Just so you know.)

If you succeed in protecting Stonehenge for the allotted amount of time, then you’ll have a couple of options. Either you can stop and get your reward — ooooor, you can keep going at a higher danger level. If you do decide to step out, that’s okay. The next time you run the scenario you can choose to pick up where you left off. Oh, yeah. And the scenario scales infinitely.

Of course, today’s update wasn’t just the release of the scenario. There’s also a new seasonal event. As some of you know, Fall Equinox is just a few short days away. (In case you weren’t aware, it’s a pretty big deal for the Druids.) For a limited time, the Druids will be hanging out in Agartha, encouraging players to get in on the scenario action. Of course, there will be new lore to collect as well. And, of course, there’s a new Druids of Avalon Agent booster offering a chance at new agents or gear reward bags.

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