ChangYou announced that Sword Girls has entered open beta. To mark the open beta launch, ChangYou will host a Sword Girls “Slash for Cash” Ladder Tournament on April 12 and continue through April 18. Players who place in any of the ladder tournaments will win rare in-game rewards and a share of the $10,000 total cash prize pool.

Sword Girls is the newest online collectible card game with visually stunning anime design and strategic game play that will entice both veteran players and newcomers alike. The game features hundreds of uniquely drawn playable cards that can be collected through the innovative card crafting system with new cards released periodically. Players are invited to explore multiple tiers of dungeons and challenge other players to online duels to collect materials that can be used to craft their favorite cards. Sword Girls is free to play for everyone and works on any Flash enabled web browser.

Available immediately, players can sign up to play for free at


  1. I is a really solid TCG for those fans of the genre, even if the anime style is not for u, its a solid game for what it is with plenty of cards and PvE PvP elements. I reccomend at least giveing it a shot, it is only a browser game after all, what do u got to lose?

  2. Was hyped up for some card games, this was pretty awesome in cbt, but now I just don’t feel like playing anymore. Don’t know why….. =\

  3. anyone else have problem making an account on that website? it keeps telling me account id invalid and email has been used but none of that is correct then randomly it has a green arrow next to it and its ok.. =/ but i still cant create an account.. help me please >_<

  4. Very cool game, I played in CBT and only thing that actually pissed me off was the difficulty, it was almost impossible to beat that golden lion boss (one of the 1st bosses), on easy-mode, hopefully they have made it a little easier.


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