Swords Of Legends Online’s The Firestone Legacy Releases February 24 But Here's A Fox Mage Preview To Tide You Over

Gameforge is offering players a more in-depth look at one of the new classes in the meantime.

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Lost Ark Fox Mage Preview

Last week, Gameforge announced that Swords of Legends Online would be receiving its biggest content update yet, bringing people new classes and more while also making the shift to free-to-play and offering players in Russia and the CIS a chance to jump in. At the time they simply listed the release for February, but now we know when to look for it – on February 24th. At that time, players can look for all kinds of new content, including new story content, additional PvP modes, and more. The update also introduces two new classes, one of which Gameforge is offering players a closer look at today.

Those of you interested in finding out more about the ranged DPS and support class the Fox Mage are in luck as today the company dropped an overview of the half-human, half-fox daughter of the Floral Palace. These mages owe their appearance to a mixed heritage of the Firestone clan and spirit foxes. This heritage also attributes to their perpetually youthful appearance.

The Fox Mages have a strong tie to nature, burying firestone in the ground and using them to grow plants imbued with Soulforce, which they use to increase their own while protecting the Floral Palace. In combat, they use Twin Branches watered with lifeblood and enhance them with poisons that drive the opponents insane or kill them. These poisons are created using various flowers and grasses. They’re not just deadly, however. The Fox Mages are also capable of using their nature-based powers to heal.

Players can get a look at the Fox Mage in action in a trailer released today. However, if you’d like even more information on them, and the Warrior class that will arrive alongside them, you may want to mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 9. On that day, at 3:00 pm Eastern, Gameforge will be streaming a preview of the new classes on Twitch. If you can’t make it at that time. Don’t worry, a VOD will be available after.

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