If you’ve got some free time this holiday weekend, you may want to check out the newly released Open Beta for Perfect World Entertainment’s martial arts MMORPG, Swordsman Online. The studio pushed the wuxia-inspired MMO into Open Beta yesterday and with it, opened up cross-server functionality, allowing for a greater number of players across servers to participate in large-scale PvP.

For those who tried out Swordsman Online during the closed beta, PWE has special closed beta rewards ready for you upon your -potential- return. As with most Open Betas these days, Swordsman Online has also opened up its cash shop for use although given the rising number of cash shops appearing sometimes as early as alpha it’s relatively commendable for PWE to show such restraint. Now if only developers could stop offering ridiculously priced “pre-purchase packs”.

Players can download Swordsman Onlinenow through PWE’s proprietary game manager app “Arc” with Swordsman Online representing the first of PWE’s MMOs to ship exclusively through the system. It also means you’re going to need an Arc account which you can signup for here if you haven’t already.

For info on what we thought of Swordsman Online check out our closed beta impressions here or if you’d prefer not to read, you can watch our video coverage below.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. poor people like me have no video card and a low end pc but i can play this game fine on low settings. i see PWE’s improvement on their games for users with old computers. i also like the interesting funny cutscenes and storyline better than most mmorpg these days.

  2. So got into the early access of this within a few days i hit level 40 as splendor swordsman and keept asking myself where is the fun parts, well after all that time i went into a brick wall. a bugged quest that made it impossible for any splendor player to continue.

    Battle mechanics:
    Swosh swosh, enemies just stands there i meet a totall of 4 agressive enemies all four had an AI like a monkey.

    How come they always fuck this up behind recognition? well its wierd its all over the place grindy stupid and no one in his right mind will use this shit.

    Yes they sayd there would be humor well…. the cutscene u see of a fat chinese dude falling down a staircase in the trailer.. there u go thats it the whole way to 40.

    Jumping on buildings soar in the winds and walking on water like jesus:
    yes yes yes yes, but…. in cutscenes until u master the tripple jump then u can start raging over the invisible walls on all frigging buildings!

    All in all.
    3/10 the diffrent schols can be fun, u can prolly with some luck play this game for free since they are quite generous when it comes to mount,bag space.. unless u count for everything else. they also have a free pet that collects ur shit after level 25-30. but even with a proper starter pack ur bags will start to hurt. so its doible and still yet painful.

    I would call this game the chinese tourture, jesus christ people cant u do one simple thing right its like PW stroke amnesia after the team worked game neverwinter, letts just shit on all the good stuff and put in the old P2w bullcrap that always work.

    this game is an epic fail online.
    Thank you PW u suck.
    over and out from Aries.

  3. The game was actually made to be played by everyone,a game to be good it dont need to have a fking awesome graphic.You play a game for its gameplay not graphic,if you want to feel happy look on a fking shiny picture and you`l be fine.
    And the game is in OBT,you can call it CBT available for everyone,did you seen League of Legends graphics in 2009? or Blade and Soul graphic and gameplay in 2010?no you did not,because if you did,it was worse than this game,so in few weeks or a month will come first patch,and the game will be better in time,you can`t make a game perfect in just a week.
    Take example of Black Gold online,because the game mechanics are almost the same,you can change from tab target to action combat that looks almost to Tera online,but compared to that combat system it may take a whyle to be close to that.

    • dont even compare bns with this shit you retarded jb fan , alpha bns had x999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times better graphics , gameplay and all so just stfu swordsman is a pos and a waste if time

  4. Long live bunch of idiots that,played 5 minutes did the tutorial and left the game,the game it actually starts at 32,but you will see the difference at level 40,so people that did lvl 10 and left the game did not seen nothing,and about Emotes,there is a button ESC and there is settings there and there is Keyboard settings and there is a mouse that you have to press right click and there is how to edit the keys,so bunch of idiots that cant figure out how to take the drop or how to use a item or collect for quest,it don`t deserve to play a game,go back to your shooters,because actually 50% of people that complained here play Shooter games,and not actually mmorpgs,so i only can tell one thing,the truth hurts and trolls are everywere,so you might tell me i dont know nothing about games and other stuff like:
    you`re noob,idiot, fk you,etc. …i mean you know better what you will tell to me.
    So actually it should be a game made for every person in this world,i mean…if you don`t like something,other guy might love it,if you love something,another guy it might not love it.So people are different,no one is the same and can`t make every1 happy.
    You might played high graphic choppy games with idiotic gameplay,with story that don`t have nothing with the game and with combat moves that makes the human like an alien or a robot.
    The best way to be happy is by making a game by yourself,only for you.

  5. This would have been a good game if it dident have free to play, they should of make it pay to play and without the op gear u can buy off the stores.

  6. Thought it was going to be at least 50% of Blade and Soul… but realized it’s still a lock-on target game. True that you can turn off the target system, but if you really want to win this game, you might as well turn on the automatic targeting system. I realized by then as I was playing the House Tong class, long range people do not need to aim at all.

    The customization was nice, but… the hairstyles were just so limited. And I really did not want to have long hair with ponytails… (especially for a male). I then went to see how the customization for girls were, and to see that I could not get rid of their “bulging eyes.” I’m glad I did not spend $60 for the open beta package…

    Once again, PWE has disappointed me… :/

  7. I gave my time into this game, Onigiri is better than this as far as gameplay, and thats pretty much a low budget game. Everyone can say graphics isn’t a factor, etc., and yet it is. The reason why is that it shows what type of game engine you use in order to construct the game. Looking at not just the graphics but what programmed on those rendered objects. Clunky is right on the money, autoing pathing jerks left and right . There is other things in the game but if you played it, then you would know the rest. definitely something to kill time with if you don’t have the machine to play the other good stuff.

    • if onigiri is better WTF is this then ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Offtopic but why are these comments here so random? MMOBOMB sort them after time and date please. So annoying…

  9. So I got into beta…….closed beta…and I have to say I was very dissapointed. The coding is so out of wack even my 770 GTX with the game on super low only gets about 30 to 40 fps. I get 80+ in Watchdogs on Ultra settings. UI is just awful. Menus are a mess. I feel like I need to have like 10 or 20 manuals in front of me to explain things. Combat is very slow for a supposed action game. You get 3 choices of controls when you start the game. I chose action cuz they said it was like Neverwinter. That’s right, in the option in the game, it said, “Just like Neverwinters combat”…..NOT. One huge problem with the game is the quest tracker. All you have to do is click on the objective and your character starts running off in the direction of said quest. Lazy I know. Also you could turn off the breadcrumb trail in Neverwinter, but in Swordsman you cant. You get a double jump. When it comes time to do some croutching tiger, hidden dragon rooftop jumping, it’s AUTOMATIC. Thats right, just hold “R” and after a second let go of the mouse and keyboard and watch him/her go.
    I played for 5 hours and followed everything everybody in game said and I still don’t know what the hell is going on. All I get from the story is I am a hero. END OF STORY. Graphics are just awful even on max settings and it seems like you never need to open a solid steel door, just walk through it! Another thing is that I chose the only server it would let me, an NA server. In chat all I see is, “Ping teh wing dengg”, some kinda Chinese or something. Took me a while to actually find some English speaking peeps.
    Last but not least….LOOT. Wheres the loot? I mean sure ESO had minimal loot but loot non the less. In the 5 hours I played only a bowl of noodles dropped.
    I felt like I was literally being held by the hand the entire time. I know people say that about themeparks and other games but this is for real. You never have to explore.
    Oh and you get these world things, I forgot what their called, but after you run out you can no longer gain xp from enemies until a certain amount of time has passed or you somehow get more world stuff.
    All in all it is closed beta and things could change. I hope they do because this game is a mess and I’ll gladly go back to Age of Wulin/Wushu, a game I dislike, than this current state of a game.
    Damn I was so excited for this too. I really thought, “Duh A kung fu game, it’s gotta be golden der der”. Damn was I wrong. I should have learned from every non successful martial arts game. And there are no successful martial arts games out. At least worth my time that is.


    Open Beta is just as bad.

    Oh yeah one more thing. When you choose action combat as your control scheme, be prepared to hit “Ctrl” a thousand times to click on everything. That means talking to npc’s too. I tried to get used to it but it just annoyed the crap outta me.

    • Really? something is definitely wrong then. I get 50+ on average. I have never seen the game run even near 40. Keep in mind though that this is a CPU hungry game.

      AMD 8320 clocked at 4.7ghz
      8g G.skill sniper edition clocked at 1466ghz
      250 SSD Samsung pro
      The first Nvidia 760 OEM (straight from nvidia)
      Sabertooth 990fx 2200/2800 hyperthread

      • Also, the settings are maxed. I know forsure i’ve turned something off, i’ve seen Ambient Occlusion (i think and im not gonna install to verify). Turning whatever feature I turned off gave it steady frames.

    • this has nothing to do with age of wushu and it doesnt have better graphics

      do you write bullshit just because you feel you have to?

  10. Ok, so I’ve played this game for half an hour… And oh my God is spunkify (I assume it was him in “Word Play: Swordsman Online’s Dull Blade “) clueless.

    “Already having a grand time, as you can tell, I finally came upon a quest where I had to do a kneel emote in front of an NPC. I pulled up the emote menu and was greeted with 50 cute little faces. None of them screamed “kneel” to me and there was no hover-over text.”

    Umm, What? There is a GLOWING (practically screaming “press me!”) contextual button for “action” that allows you to interact with everything. It turns into “kneel” when you accept this quest. Why would anyone search for emotion animations in a CHAT window? What’s happening to this world? Even though games get dumbed down more and more with every new release, gamers are still prevented from enjoying them because of their own cluelesness.

    I can imagine a seven year old kid getting annoyed by this game because he can’t figure it out. But a grown man? Who is supposed to write an article with a fair judgement of the game? This is so goddamn embarrassing. How can someone judge a game if he can’t even SEE half its features?

    • Yea, I realised whoever wrote the article missed that contextual button that’s either clickable or executable pressing the R key.

      Nevertheless the game is beyond garbage. Garbage animations, Garbage graphics, Garbage in engine rendered cut scenes. The voice acting isnt great but it is funny so its fine. The game suffers from poor optimization running at the same fps regardless of settings with some massive dips in any area with more than afew players. A clunky, unresponsive combat system and all in all just crappy decade old mechanics. The maps are poorly marked to the point you have to guess where NPC’s are, the dungeon queue mechanic looks like its from the 90’s and the auto move to quest crap, while a staple in most asian mmo’s, makes questing seem like even more of a chore.

      They made NO effort to do ANYTHING remotely interesting in this game besides add the story from a book.

      It is a major disappointment.

      • Then I apologise for being unnecessarily rude to you when I should have been unnecessarily rude to someone else. ^_^

    • i found the kneel emote before i even got to the quest, i was playing around with the UI

      i played the game for about 2 hours, its nothing special, it feels like Forsaken World, idk why, but i liked the FW OBT more than SO OBT

      • Oh, it is nothing special indeed, I never said otherwise. There’s some potential for interesting PvP and that’s about it. But that rant about how difficult it is to “kneel” makes the whole article untrustworthy. Mainly because of how effectively it highlights the cluelesness of its author.

  11. the problem with this game isnt the graphics, but how bad its optimized and how the mechanics are really primitive

    when you go out in the wilderness, you see all of the same mobs in one place, then there is nothing, then its the next group of mobs, thats just pathetic

    • I totally agree with you. I hate when mobs just stand there like Jay and Silent Bob standing outside of a convenience store. I also hate when mobs just materialize in front of you, its not Star Trek where mobs can teleport down at a moments notice. There are very few games that get this right. Have mobs doing something have them run out from somewhere.

      I played the game for a few hours and got bored out of my skull after a while. I know there are people who love the game and that’s great, but I want a game that’s different, original and when I’m adventuring about, I don’t want to keep thinking (there’s another idiot mob just standing there picking his bum…well at least that would be funny).

  12. Combat looked nice in all these trailers but it’s just so unsmooth. The whole movementsystem is crap. And then….this automove system from quest to quest, this feature makes a game so much less worth in my eyes. It feels so cheap.
    Get the combatsystem from C9 or maybe GW2, delete this “bot” that runs for you the most time and get smooth movements like WoW.

  13. The whole asian martial arts concept is great, but is yet to be captured correctly. This attempt is ALOT better then Age of Wushu (wish i never had early access to that), but still leaves alot to be desired. The mechanics and graphics seem outdated, but the thing that got me as far as to actually comment on this game is: A game without invert mouse axis…. really? Shows how dedicated you are to giving your users the best experience. Same goes for Black Gold btw… ridiculous.

    Voone out.

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