Regular MMO characters ride flying bird mounts like horses. Swordman’s new falconer class rides his bird mount like a surfboard. Bad. Ass.

Today, Perfect World Entertainment showed off the falconer, the newest class coming to its Swordsman MMO in the Lone Wandered expansion. Billed as the “last remaining survivors of a blood-soaked massacre,” the falconers ride their noble steeds into battle and drop onto unsuspecting foes from above. Sadly, there’s no indication that there’s a “bird poop” aerial attack.

Lone Wanderer adds a lot more to Swordsman, too, as we previously detailed. With an increased level cap, glass weapons, new endgame quests and maps, as well as the falconer class, it should add plenty of content to keep players’ interest sky-high.


  1. Yup the game kinda sucks half of the moves in the videos are not in the game other classes have so much DMG that taking Shaolin the tank class is useless everybody has more dmg then your defense and hp not to mention the useless level 1 item drops and some of the good items have extremely low drop rate such as Lost Arts but PWE thinks that putting them in a pack for sale in the market is good well no it isn’t the game is ruined SPEND events every week and the very little coin drops make you want to break your keyboard market money is soled for double the original price making it even harder due to the low coin rate drops 10g per day you can’t buy anything also the game lacks Giveaways PWE’s log in rewards always give the wrong prices for each class so honestly yeah the game is dead i personally played since beta and haven’t spent a single euro on the game and i’m stuck with level 3 gems while the p2w-pay to win spend dozens of money on the market because they are sick of the low drop rate and level 1 items .


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