A new expansion for an MMORPG often brings with it plenty of changes to how individual classes play. That will be the case when Star Wars: Knights of the Eternal Throne drops on Dec. 2, and the dev team has dropped details on just how your favorite class will change next month.

Head on over to the SWTOR forums for a run-down on what will be changing for each of the game’s eight classes — Trooper/Bounty Hunter, Smuggler/Imperial Agent, Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior, and Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor — as well as their advanced classes. For the most part, the changes don’t seem too radical, though you’ll probably find a few skills don’t work exactly as you remember — if they’re still there at all. Goodbye, Mortar Volley, my Vanguard will miss you.


  1. Fake f2p scam, good its dead, u hardly can find any real person ingame! no clue why they trying to revive dead game, maybe only devs play own shit because its a true f2p for them :D!

    • Hardly can find anyone in-game?! When was the last time you logged in? Did you try to play when it was under maintenance or hosted your own server and you were alone?

      I don’t play it because it’s not Star Wars Galaxies, but the starting areas are brimming and teeming with players. So is Coruscant/Dromund Kass, beyond that I don’t know as I haven’t been there.

      • Also, it’s one thing to be frustrated because you caught some infection when jacking off every 10 minutes and be angry about it, but it’s something else when you pour your hate on the internet where no one cares whether you are alive or not.


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