On the one side, you have Kotaku, which claims that its sources say that BioWare “has also discussed ending development” of Star Wars: The Old Republic and that there’s just a “small team maintaining” it. Even breathing that a major MMORPG has a 0.001% chance of shutting down is the sort of thing that induces mass hysteria, along with the requisite blog posts and YouTube videos concerning the subject — some sad and some full of nefarious glee. The hyperbole is strong in this one.

As if right on cue, the SWTOR devs hosted a brief livestream last night (summarized by Dulfy) to talk about the game’s plans for the year, none of which included “We’re shutting down.” Indeed, Charles Boyd and Eric Musco talked about companions such as Jaesa and Kira making their return to the game in 2018, and a roadmap will also be revealed in mid-February, which seems like the kind of thing you wouldn’t do if you were closing the game.

Then again, the people working in the trenches are sometimes the last to know, but, as we saw with Marvel Heroes’ shutdown, they probably wouldn’t be quite so chatty if doom was imminent. Our verdict? Maybe the SWTOR team is a little smaller, as resources have been pulled from it to work on Anthem, as the Kotaku article hints at, but there’s no reason to think that means that SWTOR is on death’s door or is down to just a handful of Jawas to keep the thing running.


  1. Road who? Swtor will never change, until EA realises how much effort they’ve should invested rather than combining all studios for Anthem’s development, which eventually will flop hard. Until then, my wallet and time won’t touch this piece of cr*p p2w galore…

  2. Game play is liek turn based feel, all the time u alone everywhere iits like single player game with empty chat without people anywhere

  3. Dead Pay to win game! i not see nany alive person even chat os empty, maybe there is few star wars secta fans only and devs work for food only, game is Fake f2p content and characters are for cash and many more –

  4. I remember I tried it when it launched and it didn’t hook me. After that limited event with some free expansions I tried to play again. It’s different but has it’s charms and from what I have seen plenty of players so far.


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