Last week’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina Livestream was supposed to cover new content coming in Update 6.2: Echoes of Vengeance, including the new Mandalorian flashpoint. Unfortunately, real-world issues postponed that cast. That incident was thankfully resolved without injury, and it was clear sailing for this week’s SWTOR podcast.

In the upcoming flashpoint, The Spirit of Vengeance, you’ll team up with Shae Vizla to reclaim her flagship from renegade Mandalorians. Also coming in this update is the Echoes of Oblivion story mission, described as a culmination of much of the story of the entire game up to this point, as well as a new login reward system and revamped emote window.

Update 6.2 will arrive in December. For now, you can redeem the code LivestreamCantina2020 at this link to receive four classic Korrealis Cantina Mounts in-game. The code will only be available for a limited time. Check out the VOD of the stream here for all the details, as well as interviews with several SWTOR voice actors.


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