Star Wars: The Old Republic launched on Steam just over a month ago, and BioWare’s got a bonus or two lined up for players to celebrate the move. From today until Oct. 5, players can log into the game — on Steam or otherwise — to receive the Pipeworks Character Flair, a steampipe-looking border around your character window.

Additionally, until Oct. 5, subscribers can log in to add legendary Mandalorian bounty hunter Shae Vizla to their account. This offer is valid as long as you have an active sub at any time during the promotional period. Learn more about both of these giveaways on the SWTOR site.

Speaking of that Steam release, it looks like it’s going well. Steam Charts is still tracking the game at an average of over 10,000 concurrent players, and Valve itself shared news about its good performance. SWTOR makes the list of July’s top releases while also sitting at the head of the “July’s Top Free Releases” list, which is “ranked by total unique player count.” Congrats to SWTOR for its successful “launch,” but seeing as how #2 on that list is Soda Dungeon 2, maybe BioWare shouldn’t get too hyped by the news.


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