Today’s news falls honestly had me going “What? It wasn’t already?” No, Star Wars: The Old Republic wasn’t on Steam, but that’s changed today, as BioWare’s MMORPG heads to Valve’s platform, eight and a half years after launch.

You’ll be able to carry over your progress from the SWTOR client and launcher you’ve been using for years, and there’s full cross-play between the two platforms. As expected for a Steam release, there are also trading cards available, as well as emoticons and backgrounds as rewards for crafting badges.

One notable feature that is absent with today’s launch, however, is Steam achievements — but patience, a Jedi must have. Over 100 achievements will be coming with an update later this year, and they’ll duplicate achievements from the original client. That means that you’ll receive credit retroactively, based on what you’ve already accomplished in game, which surely comes as a relief to players who have gone through all eight main stories. Not having that feature would be enough to turn anyone to the Dark Side.

Learn more about the Star Wars: The Old Republic Steam release in a blog post on the SWTOR site or its brand new Steam page.


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