When it first went free-to-play back in 2012, Star Wars: The Old Republic was lambasted for … well, not being very free-to-play. Even by 2015, when I was talking with a writer who loves and covers SWTOR for another site and told him we were covering the game at MMOBomb, he remarked to me, “Really? That’s barely free-to-play!”

Soon, the game will be a little more free-to-play, with three changes coming to free and preferred players with patch 5.10.4 in July. The credit cap will be raised to 1,000,000 Credits, up from 200,000 and 350,000 for free and preferred players, respectively. “Long gone are the days where you could buy a gallon of Bantha milk for five credits,” BioWare said, reasoning that, with the overall inflation in the game, a higher currency cap was needed.

Both tiers of non-subscribing players are also have restrictions removed for Medical Probes and Quick Travel and be able to use them as applicable without requiring a consumable from the Cartel Market.

But one of the first things that got panned regarding the SWTOR free-to-play experience was the lack of skill quickbars available to free players. In the initial reveal, free players only got one quickbar, which was soon amended to two because, well, the game was nigh-unplayable with one.

Now, our munificent overlords at BioWare have deemed it fit for free players to get three whole quickbars, while premium players get boosted from four to five. After all, you can never have enough slots for all your pets and mounts — oh, and lightsaber skills, too.

Learn more about the changes on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website.



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