The Star Wars: The Old Republic team is running a little experiment. Based on requests from players, the team has decided to make one of its rarer items — the Platinum rarity Unstable Arbiter’s Lightsaber — available to purchase as a single item rather than as a chance item in a Cartel Market pack.

The saber is being sold for 7,600 Cartel Coins — approximately $60 in real world money. Of course, while some players will have to pony up the cash for Cartel Coins, there will be those that have accumulated them over time as part of their subscription. However, that doesn’t mean all players are pleased with the idea.

BioWare did explain the logic behind the rather high price, noting that they felt this would be a good way to assure Platinum items maintain their rarity.

While it’s obvious some people aren’t happy with the announcement, it will be interesting to see how many players drop the Cartel Coins anyway. Chances are it’ll be a fair amount.

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    • It’s a double-edged sword when you put a price tag on a guaranteed purchace of something that previously was available only via random loot boxes.

      If you set the price too high, people get upset because it appears that random box is a better deal. If you set the price too low, people that were buying random boxes get upset because they feel like they were scammed.

      There’s no middle ground, no perfect price in a sutuation like that. Or more precisely, a perfect price is when everyone is upset because neither option appears to be better/cheaper.


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