Early next month, Star Wars: The Old Republic will reduce its number of servers from 17 to five. Merging servers is rarely seen as a good thing for an MMORPG, but you have to hand it to the team at BioWare for trying to put it in a positive light.

The “United Forces” update is, according to the blog post, about “making multiplayer the best it can be” and increase “ease of jumping into multiplayer activities.” In other words, SWTOR’s servers will be more populated now and it’ll be easier to find people to play with, which is the reason server merges happen in the first place.

The five new servers will include two North American servers (merging Harbinger, Bergeron Colony and Bastion into The Hot Prospect; and Jedi Covenant, Shadowlands, Ebon Hawk, Prophecy of the Five, and Jung Ma into Star Forge) and three in Europe: one each English (merging Progenitor, Tomb of Freedon Nadd, and Red Eclipse into Darth Malgus), French (merging Mantle of the Force, Battle Meditation, and Darth Nihilus into The Leviathan), and German (merging T3-M4, Vanjervalis Chain, and Jar’Kai Sword into Tulak Hord).

If you’re worried about your legacies — which are account-wide on a per server basis — the highest-level legacy on any set of merged servers will be the one that sticks around. All legacy unlocks and currencies will be combined. The server merges — er, United Forces update! — goes live on Nov. 8.


    • Exactly. It’s the same as what some other games have done recently. Everybody knows the only reason for server merges, is due to the population dying off. It’s been happening more and more.

      The biggest problem is, how long these games have been around. I honestly think that nearly all MMORPGs are around for too long and easily become stale, regardless of what content they add (as you often don’t change what you do, just repeat the same game-play in another area).

      The majority of players have experienced everything they have to offer, definitely with the older, more-established games, and see no reason to stick around. I, myself, find it hard to bother to continue when reaching end-game/max level. Typically all that is left to do, is grind dungeons (or the equivalent) for gear. Which, let’s face it, is boring as f* unless you have other reasons to stick around (such as a decent social life in said games). Grind for gear. Gear for what? More dungeons? Yawn. Gear for PvP? Yeah, PvP which is always cash shop-heavy and the only people who benefit from end-game PvP are either the whales or players who are too stubborn to leave/have no life/are easily entertained lol.

      • Yeah I been seeing certain MMO Games that doing server merges or end up shutting down or even worse being abandon by it developer who no longer do update.


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