BioWare dropped the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic update today, and while it’s not massive, it is designed to improve player experience in some areas. In particular, Update 6.2.1 makes changes to Uprisings, Amplifiers, and Conquests.

One of the changes to uprising was simply to change when they are available to players. Now available to players at level 75, they’ve also been rebalanced to reflect that, with adjustments to both difficulty and how long they take to finish. Uprising loot drops have also been increased, which is always a plus.

As for Amplifiers, the devs have reorganized their UI, creating a tree-based view that offers more clarity. An additional color has also been added to indicate Standard Quality Amplifiers. In addition, the team has introduced Quality Locking and a weekly cost reset in order to improve players’ chances at receiving the Amplifiers they’re hoping for.

Finally, Conquests have been adjusted to improve competition, introducing requirements such as a grace period for players joining guilds. This grace period limits the player’s ability to contribute to a Conquest invasion or XP that is already ongoing when they join. Crafting Objectives have been changed as well. No longer are they infinitely repeatable, but instead are available daily.

Of course, the update does introduce other changes, but those were the headliners. For the rest, you’ll want to check out the patch notes on the game’s site.

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