Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s newest update adds some new Huttball content and makes several changes — the most notable being that free-to-play players are now able to talk freely in Group and Guild chats. The notes also cover changes to classes and combat, missions, warzones, NPCs, and more.

In the area of Huttball, the update adds a new venue, the SkyShredder, located on the planet Vandin. The devs promise that it offers “new and deadlier challenges”.

To go along with the new update, BioWare is also holding a Double rewards event. Between October 9 and October 16, players can earn double XP, CXP, and more.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the changes included in this update, the patch notes are available on the SWTOR site.

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  1. Does anyone out there still believe Swtor is F2P? I’m just curious, between their locked content and double talk descriptions of you can unlock this race for free, just got to level that race to level 50… to unlock it, What?? In order for me to make a character of any locked race you either got to buy it or sub, either way, it is already unlocked.

    Lol they kill me, look Swtor is not an F2p title it’s a trial or demo (you can NOT access endgame content as an F2p player) anytime they add new content claiming its F2p, they are doing so to con new players to help pay their bills.

    I gave up on Swtor during their server merges last year, when they allowed players to claim your character names even if your characters were active and used within that week. Just be warned ahead of time the story is great but the way they run their business is a little on the shady side.

  2. Amazing story content, being able to play as a sith is really cool and you can make decisions, thats make you feel like you are accomplishing something, anything else is a big NO in this game.

      • no, they can’t, SWTOR has level locks as well just at a higher level. You can not get to end game content or max level a character without investing into SWTOR.

    • Yes, that’s what Free 2 Play is if you like it or not. Guild Wars 2 is free 2 play as well, you simply need to buy the expansions. Free 2 Play does not mean everything is Free.

      • Wrong f2p is neverwinter online, champions online, star trek online. Games which not limite you to a lvl for see the contento. If you are limited in progression then those are trials.

      • Think about it free to play then is wow too? Just able to play lvl 20? Or a demo you get in a website where you just have one map in a shooter game? Demo, trial arent f2p.

        F2p model is you can play all the content with limitations in bank, in equipment (p2w), in visuals, and in mailing and those things. But limite people to a one lvl example 20 in wow that means you have content limitation to lvl 20. Then isnt free to play it is free to test.


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