The Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline for Star Wars: The Old Republic reaches its momentous climax next month when BioWare releases chapter 16 of the epic story, The Battle of Odessen.

This final installment sees a last-ditch effort by Arcann to attack the Outlander, with the help of a traitorous droid. The result will shape the galaxy and set the stage for Knights of the Eternal Throne, the new expansion coming this fall.

If you were subscribed to SWTOR before July 1, you’ll get early access to this chapter on Aug. 9; all other subscribers will have to wait until Aug. 11 to get their hands on the new story. There’s still the Dark vs. Light event going on, as well, which challenges players to level up new characters for some additional rewards.


  1. this game is pay2win nothing more, people still playing because we talking about star wars/lucasfilms…marketing/midia thats enough haha

  2. Well, I think f2p model is enough to enjoy few class stories up to lvl 50. But yea, if you want to do pvp, dungeons or operations then subbing is a must!


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