SWTOR Dark vs Light

As if all the Knights of the Fallen Empire content wasn’t enough, now BioWare has a new way for you to enjoy Star Wars: The Old Republic this summer.

Starting on June 28, the Dark Vs. Light event encourages players to start a new character to earn new rewards and help their side’s cause in the battle between the two sides of the Force. There are six levels of personal rewards, gained by reaching certain character levels and completing in-game content such as flashpoints, story missions, and PvP. One of those rewards is the Victorious Pioneer’s Armor set, which gives you an XP boost you’ll find useful in leveling multiple characters for the higher ranks of the challenge.

Players’ overall Light and Dark side choices will also play a currently undetailed part in the future of SWTOR — or, as phrased in the press release:

The outcome of everyone’s dark and light side decisions will determine the state of the galaxy as the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic evolves this fall.

All you have to do to participate is to start a new character on or after June 28. For full details, and to keep tabs on which side is winning the battle, check out the Dark vs. Light page on the SWTOR website.

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