The penultimate chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline, “The Gemini Deception,” goes live today across all servers. In addition to the new story content, there’s also a new Gemini Cartel Pack that offers the chance for players to get a Gemini Pulse Weapon effect or rare vehicle and armor sets. Woo, lockboxes!

As usual, the KotFE content — current chapter plus all previous chapters — is available to players with active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriptions and each chapter comes with unique rewards for players who subscribe before the first of each month. For July, that’s an HK-55 Victory Stronghold Decoration.

Also, the Dark vs. Light campaign is now active — and will be for the rest of the summer — allowing players who create and level new characters to get a bunch of bonuses and cosmetic loot. Woo, leveling!


  1. the restrictions… :)) only reason to play it is because it has Star Wars name on it….. change that and u get a pop mmo like wildstar

  2. Dead game! No clue why they trying tu ressurect with these stupid new content, u hardly can find any alive person , game is DEAD because its a FAKE free to play game with locked content and characters,NO ONE LIKE SCAMMERS! Another soe/daybreak/trion scam !

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      They just not making good progress with there game. (No Offence)
      The Community is a problem too just like the developer as well.(Truth)


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