The newest content update for Star Wars: The Old Republic has landed on live servers. “A Traitor Among the Chiss” sends players to the planet Copero for a new story-driven flashpoint and then to Iokath for a new operation-level boss fight with Nahut, the Son of Shadows.

Also, as we covered last week, this update brings with it the Master’s Datacron, pumping any character up to level 70 while still letting them experience the story along the way with relative ease.

There’s also a new Galactic Starfighter map, a new group finder, and lots of other quality-of-life improvements. Learn more about A Traitor Among the Chiss on the SWTOR site.


  1. I’ve played SWTOR every day for over 2 years. I miss the feeling the game had when it launched. Then cartel loot boxes came and game died to me. I tried to come back few times but to no avail. Sad times. EA is THE gaming killer.

  2. SWTOR was dead to me since KoTFE expansion and nothing since had merely changed besides newly trashed RNG system etc. Even though I daily visit few sites only centred on swtor, my hype for closure is increasing everytime, because of EA politics last year I won’t ever play SWTOR unless they close it and Disney sells rights to the company who are guaranteed to provide top notch quality.

    • Very true. I’ve played KotFe first nine missions when its released. Deleted afterwards after seen the gameplay raping tweaks.

  3. At one time I did like this game, but with recent patches and server merges Im pretty much just waiting for it to close. (feed up with the company)


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