The majority of Anime MMO’s that come out nowadays posses some sort of pet or companion feature. It’s one of the staples of the genre really. But while some merely add window dressing to an otherwise lifeless auto attacking AI, others choose to infuse at least some personality and flair. Aeria Games hopes to win players over in both areas with the following companion trailer for their upcoming MMO Aura Kingdom:

From the trailer the player/companion combos are rather flashy. Each had a rather distinct animation, with equally dazzling effects. I’m personally hopefully these combos are a more integral part of the combat and not just an added 2 minute cooldown ability. Aeria Games says outside of combat these summoned spirits are more than lifeless drones. The Eidolons retain memories of players’ past accomplishments including boss kills, and will converse with the player about these experiences.

Almost like Pokemon, players get to choose between one of four starting Eidolons when they create their character. As players journey forward they will have the opportunity to recruit additional, with more than a dozen present at the game’s launch, and more promised in the future. Eidolons range in size, with some of the larger ones -such as the Pink Unicorn from the trailer- also acting as mounts.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. lol. All you retards pating $50 for crappy “F2P” games, while i bought GW2 while you can buy GW2 & have hours upon hours of fun, with no monthmy restrictions or cash shop shit.

    • Hmm.Well since you wanna insult people you stupid troll.
      “Paying” not pating and also “I bought GW2 so you should buy GW2(I’m assuming thats what you meant),you can have hours upon hour of fun with no monthly restrictions or cash shops”. Now doesn’t that sound better than what you said.

      I give your grammar a “2” and your trolling a ‘2″ so now then…who’s the retard?

  2. Game looks fun and interesting,

    For sure will try it out because I like Anime Style games.

    As for P2W… well… it’s a given, 90% of all North American publisher likes P2W.
    And even if the original version have this and that, it doesn’t mean the other versions will.
    Just the same as Cash Shop pricing is decided by the publishers and not the developers.
    Developers don’t have 100% control of what gets put into the game or the pricing of things in game.

    • Actually this game can’t be a pay to win,the cash shop does not give you advantages over other players its just cosmetics,weapon and armor scrolls.I know because I’ve played the HK version.

      • or maybe you want it to be hosted by a fan who doesnt even want money for paying his hosting taxes and the game to be completely free with no cash shop, life sucks, so you should learn to suck it quietly

      • If there is no power in the CS. then they will add it. Or they will add rune/stone/gem slots to those cosmetics.

        If they will want to sell power then they will find a way to do so.

      • Just playing the HK version doesnt mean its going to be the same in the US or other country. any games that Aeria games runs are always going to be p2w game, but I’m really hope it doesn’t come to that…

        • TW,HK and the JPN(never played the jpn server a friend has)server have the same cash shop items nothing is changed so why would US be any different? and if it is,well I’ll be damn…and eden eternal isn’t a pay to win from my knowledge.People become op on that by hour and days of crafting.But hell if you guys are dead set on thinking its gonna be a P2W good for you and more power to you.

          • Just give it time and it will become P2W. All X-Legends game follow the same formula especially if its hosted by Aeria games. Perfect example: Grand fantasia. The game starts off pretty good with a well balanced cash shop (this is when I played) then as time goes on they start releasing more and more bs stuff into the shop and last time I checked if you purchased a stupid amount of their cash currency you could message a GM and get them to spawn you an item of your choice. WTTTFF?

        • Still the same game,if you didn’t know aeria games follows the same path as the TW version of “X legend” games,cash shop and all.My proof? well how bout downloading EE TW version and aura kingdom is from X legend so what does that tell you eh?The only thing aeria game does is that ladder BS.

    • Eden eternal isn’t really a pay to win. Understand the servers need to be paid for and in all the game seeks a profit. Agreed some of aeria games are pay to win. Don’t judge a game based on the host company.

      If you’re a player who cares so much about a pay to win game- stop playing Free to play, as i can confidently say that if you pay money you’ll get some sort of benefit in almost all Free to play MMO (and all anime MMOs- since they are usually made in asian countries and are ported for the sole reason of profits).


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