The Greeks have given us many things, among them yogurt, Jennifer Aniston (whose father was born in Greece), and a rich and vibrant mythology from which stories have been crafted for centuries. Daybreak Game Company takes advantage of a large chunk of that mythology with today’s release of the newest DLC for DC Universe Online, Amazon Fury, Part II, which continues the story of the Amazon War.

Players will venture into the Underworld alongside Wonder Woman or Circe, to do battle with the beasts of Greek mythology such as Cerberus and the Hydra and even tangle with the gods of war and the Underworld, Ares and Hades. Rewards for your valor include themed base items, feats, and collections and new Wonder Woman and Circe-inspired gear.

Also included in the DLC, which is free for members, are three eight-player raids, one elite eight-player raid, two four-player operations, and one single-player mission. You can watch a bunch of videos featuring the new content on the Amazon Fury YouTube playlist page.


  1. what nerds play this crap, all heroes have same skills just different animation, game is repetetive and boring, its only for sick superhero fans, everyone wear almost same stuff,everyone have tonns of loots, there is nothing unique thats also killing this piece of crap and game looks like vintage puke, brainless quests all the time same, stupid bosses, u can solo anything, its a single player game with chat.


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