Take To The Beach In Sunny Habitat, Apex Legends' New Arenas Map

Prize track every week and legendary skins.

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Apex Legends Lifeline Dark Depths

Apex Legends has a new tropical Arenas map, Habitat, for players to explore and do battle with during the Dark Depths event, which runs from today until February 1. Best knowns as a breeding ground for Leviathans, Habitat 4 has been abandoned for a century, giving time for its signature feature, a large waterfall, to shape the natural environment and provide lots of varied terrain for doing battle. Also, it's really pretty.

Each of the three weeks of the Dark Depths events will have a "Flash Event," a.k.a. its own prize track, which offers prizes and a unique badge you can earn by completing the track. Other cosmetics available for purchase include island-themed legendary skins for Ash, Horizon, Lifeline, and Fuse.

Learn more about the Dark Depths event on the Apex Legends site.

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