Recently, Artix Entertainment dropped a new video for its free-to-play MMO AdventureQuest 3D offering a tour of the newest region — Firefields. This new area is part of the Dragons of Ashfall: Part 1 update and will consist of two zones; Upper and Lower Firefields.

If you’re a fan of playing “The Floor is Lava,” these zones will likely give you hours of enjoyment as you spend all your time dodging the pits of lava below you. If, however, you’re clumsy like me…you’re probably going to have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

You can get a look at the region above. There’s not much in the way of description, but at least you can see what it’s like.

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  1. As much as I wanna say this game is good I still think World of warcraft is better and probably always will since I believe AQ3D looks like a college project in my opinion no offense to anyone reading this post. But if they don’t mess up this project like the last few games which caused the playerbase to die off before launch then I can see this game getting a decent size playerbase even more then what AQWorlds had.

    • While it may be more primitive, it’s due to the fact that it’s also on mobile devices, so there has to be a limit on how high the graphics can go.

      The worst feature so far is that you can change classes at any point of time. No commitment whatsoever.

    • Yeah I played some of their games in the past I know how bad their commitment they don’t got very good commitment on things. But the thing I dislike is how we can buy starter classes ingame it feels like choosing a starter class in the character creation is pointless. But I don’t mind the graphics being garbage as long as they are decent enough for the gameplay at least it’s an alright WoW for mobile I just wish the company had more commitment to their games. With the commitment I’ve seen on their past games I don’t see this game going far. I get they are using 3rd party clients/logins for the game but what if I don’t want steam for the PC gameplay? Wish they offered other alternatives for the PC userbase besides steam and don’t say use mobile I’m talking about the PC userbase only because not everyone want’s to make a steam account but that’s just my thought’s on that. The only thing I highly dislike about the game is probably the chat logs they should be redesigned a bit to make a bit easier to read on PC and mobile it’s like almost impossible to read chat since chat moves so fast. But I agree on the change of classes that is one of the worse features so far and the even worser part is they allow you to buy and change your starter class like I said above which makes the character creation process pointless.


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