Tarisland Producer Pushes Back On Comparisons To World Of Warcraft

“Tarisland is an original MMORPG with a fresh IP.”

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Tarisland Refutes WoW Comparisons

Since Tarisland was first revealed, following Blizzard having to pull out of China, the game has been compared to World of Warcraft… a lot. It’s not surprising. Between China needing something to take the MMO’s place and… well… the appearances of many of the characters that look really familiar to anyone who’s seen World of Warcraft, one can see where the comparisons come from.

That said, Tarisland producer Yangmin refutes this. Speaking with VG247, the producer noted that Tarisland wasn’t rolled out when it was in response to World of Warcraft being pulled out of China. Rather, he states that they’d “already planned to issue the trailer” when they did. He also stated that “Tarisland is an original MMORPG with a fresh IP.” This he expanded on that by saying that this included “narrative content, gameplay experience, or commercial design” and that they were “committed to delivering a completely new gaming experience.”

Beyond that, Yangmin notes that the game is still in early production, which means adjustments, likely “significant adjustments”. It seems unlikely that these adjustments will be major changes to how characters look, so, despite the push back, the comparisons will likely continue.

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astral 10 months ago
Original content, sure, but it's clearly a WoW clone.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, WoW has gone to shit.

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