Team Sizes Are Being Decreased In Rogue Company's Ranked Play...At Least For Now

It’s an experiment based on player feedback.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Rogue Company 3v3 Ranked Change

Recently, First Watch Games announced that they'd be bringing back the Rogue Company Championship Series. When they did, tournament organizers went straight to organizing 3v3 events rather than the 4v4 built into Rogue Company’s ranked system. As it turns out – and probably not shockingly – 3v3 resonated with the community. First Watch picked up on this fact and has decided to try something new.

Today the developer announced that in order to provide players with a ranked experience that matches the competitive experience players are fond of, they would change Ranked from a 4v4 format to 3v3 in the Covert Ops update. The good news is that the change is experimental, so if it turns out that the developers were reading the players incorrectly, things will go back to normal. That is, provided Ranked players let the devs know they don’t like it. Of course, they’ve asked for player feedback on the change.

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