This week appears to have been a busy one for the folks over at miHoYo. The second part of Genshin Impact‘s Version 1.6 update dropped yesterday introducing the character Kaedehara Kazuha and the first of his story quests to the game. This means the summer event activities have come to an end, although the “Legend of the Vagabond Sword” event is still in play. It also means a new banner event is under way, with Kazuha being the featured five-star.

In addition to the new content, miHoYo also shared a new developers letter — courtesy of Paimon. The letter answers a few of the players’ burning questions, ranging from inquiries about Serenitea Pot features to emoji packs, and whether or not there’s a way to allow players to have more of a say in their Daily Commissions. It turns out I’m not the only one who gets bored doing the same Hilichurl quests repeatedly.

In answer to the last item listed above, the devs plan on adding a feature that allows players to choose their commission region — with those options currently being Mondstadt and Liyue. The region has to be chosen the day before the player expects to take on the commissions. As far as the emoji packs go, they’re working on it.

The Serenitea Pot is the subject of a few questions. These include whether or not Paimon will be able to visit, if the dimension load will be increased (It already has once but they’re doing more.), if players will be able to grow various plants, and if they can do anything to make it easier to get around inside the Sereniteapot. (Seriously, those things are massive.) On the Paimon thing, all they said is that they’ve noted she’d like to visit. So, I’m gonna guess that’s a “wait for it”. Gardening will become a thing in the future and the developers promise more info in the next livestream. And, as for getting around, A Sub-Space Waypoint is coming. This item can be placed in the realm and then used to move between the different areas of the realm without all the running.

Finally — and this is a weird one — miHoYo announced a Genshin Impact partnership with Google Play. Beginning July 1, players can purchase Google Play gift cards online or in stores and earn in-game furnishings and rewards. When they buy the cards, they need to redeem the code on the Google Play Store (only an option on mobile). The reward is then sent to the first UID used to log in. If done right, the player will receive special items in their game mail. Those who normally play on other platforms will need to install the game on their mobile device and use their game email to sign in. Be sure you’re signed into the correct account, because it’ll only work for that one. That said, if you’re someone who plays on the PS4, this may not work for you. I’m not sure if that particular platform has been added to Genshin Impact crossplay yet or not. So, be careful before spending money on the gift cards.

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