When I was a teenager, I spent most of my time in the basement playing video games (which is totally unlike what I do toda–er, wait a minute). But one teen-aged Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player is not just playing video games but making them better for everyone else.

A player who goes by the moniker “2Eggs” has developed an AI called HestiaNet that identifies CS:GO cheats in a matter of seconds, with astounding accuracy. Described by The Loadout as being “built by one teenager in his bedroom in a far corner of the United Kingdom” HestiaNet “reviews the footage, analyses the data, gives a verdict, and stores the user’s SteamID in a database.” It’s found over 15,000 CS:GO cheaters, netting 2Eggs over $11,000 for his efforts.

2Eggs isn’t strictly in it for the money, however. As he told Loadout:

“I called it HestiaNet because, as you know, CS:GO is infested with cheaters and the Goddess Hestia has a power of healing as well as power of hearth and fire. I want HestiaNet to heal over the games infestation and to get rid of as many cheaters as possible. To many of us in the community, CS:GO is a home, and Hestia is also the protector of the house.”

Faith in the younger generation: Firmly Restored. For now, at least.


  1. you can still hide files because that is pretty much what all anti cheat services are AI driven programs that search and find files related to cheating software, but you can easily put a bucket over top the head.

    • No, they’re not. You can only search for files directly in the game’s directory. They mostly search for some kind of scripts, game file alterations or weird processes running in the background while CS: GO is on. You can’t just spy on someone’s computer like that.

      And the AI 100% doesn’t search your computer for files either. It just doesn’t work that way. I’m assuming that the AI just went through hundreds/thousands of cheater VODs and just picked up on the habits and peculiarities of cheats and cheaters.


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