During this weekend’s Warframe fan convention — TennoCon — Digital Extremes announced a big expansion for the game, one that will introduce an open world environment. The expansion, titled Plains of Eidolon, will arrive later this year and introduce a new feature called “Landscapes” with the game’s first open zone, located on Earth.

The Plains of Eidolon will allow players to roam a “vast natural landscape” and explore it their own way. There they’ll meet the the Ostrons, a group of scavengers who harvest biomechanical tissue from the dormant Orokin Towers. These are the first NPCs players will truly be able to interact with. Players will also find different kinds of missions than what they are used to, such as finding and assembling new Warframes and weapons. And… they’ll be able to make use of Archwings in the zone for both travel and battle purposes.

During TennoCon, Digital Extremes demoed Plains of Eidolon, giving players a 17-minute look at the new zone. The demo can be viewed in full below.

If you’d like to see a bit more of what happened during the convention, a longer video has also been posted by the Warframe team. You can view it here as well.

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  1. The zone area is instanced … you’re not gonna be there with 100 tenno jumping and doing stuff, the best it “might get” is probably 8 players in a session which is the size of the raid, don’t expect this to be Barrens.

    • I’m actually hoping for that. In my opinion a large instance would not be optimal in any shape or form in a game like warframe.

    • It’s a good start in the right and good direction.
      Give them time to polish game even better, im sure they will come up with a good solution eventually

  2. Droping a full open world area with dinamic events and day/night cicle in a game who is full instance based since 2013, this is what i call evolution

    • Yeah, I’m actually interested if this plays out well for them. The only thing that put me off the game, was the instanced areas.


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